Flora Earrings

Flora Earrings
  • $99.95

Decorative earrings comprise glass bouton, galvanised metal chain, wax pearls, glass leaves and galvanised clip-on mechanism.

German designer Langani brings you these floral earrings.
Langani was founded in 1952 by German haute couture fashion jewellery designer Anni Shaad, who is said to have invented the "floating bead" technique in which beads are strung on nylon threads so that they appear to be dancing on the skin. 
Over the course of her career, Anni Shaad worked with iconic names such as Louis Feraud in Paris, where she worked on his haute couture and prêt-à-porter fashion shows.
Her expertise and innovativeness has carried over to her company, where each item is handmade and therefore unique.
Due to being handmade, each piece is unique.
The earrings comprise faceted glass stones and a galvanised nickle-free clasp, woven together to produce this opulent result.
Please note that earrings are clip-ons.
This piece is especially unique due to now being out of production.

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